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Anchor Roma Mini Modular 16A SP MCB 'C' Type 98071

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Quick Overview
  • 16A SP 'C' MCB
  • Rated Short-Circuiting Capacity: 3000A
  • Rated Voltage:240V AC
  • Rated Frequency:50 Hz

This compact and reliable range of MINI MCBs is available with two unique mounting choices-modular and ?ush mounted (Screw mounted), ensuring operational safety of precious appliances is the foremost objective of UNO MlNl-MCB range. It thus offers undeterred protection from overload and short-circuit, securing the precious appliances by increasing their operational longevity.

More Information
Brand Anchor
Grade Interior
Type MCBs
Model 98071
Application Bedroom, Office
Material Used PVC
HSN Code 8536

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