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Pedilite Fevicol SH 20 Kg

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Quick Overview
  • Fevicol SH gives very strong bond.
  • For bonding Wood, Plywood, Laminates, Veneers, Partical board, Block board/hard board.
  • For Pencil manufacturer, Sports goods, Paper, Carpet Pencil manufacturer.

Fevicol SH is a synthetic Adhesive in the form of a milky white viscous paste and is ready to use.
The bond is so strong that if two wooden pieces are joined with Fevicol SH and a hammer is hit heavily, the wood will give way but not the fevicol bond.

More Information
Weight 20.00 kg
Brand Pedilite
Product Property Synthetic Resin Adhesive
Application Wardrobe, Storage Unit, Cupboard, Drawer
Material Used Synthetic Resin
Sets / Pcs PC
HSN Code 3506

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