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Pedilite Fevicol Heatx 5 Kg

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*Estimated Delivery Date: 26th September 2023

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Quick Overview
  • Faster setting.
  • Heatproof at high temperatures.
  • Suitable for Vertical applications.
  • Free from Benzene.

Heat Proof Adhesive. Fevicol HeatX is a synthetic solvent borne rubber based adhesive made with a special formula for having excellent heat resistance property up-to 170°C temperature. Fevicol HeatX is having Excellent heat resistance & Quick grab property without spring back action on curved surface, and this property is helpful in vertical applications.

More Information
Weight 5.00 kg
Brand Pedilite
Product Property Fevicol Heatx
Application Wardrobe, Storage Unit, Cupboard, Drawer
Material Used Synthetic Resin
Sets / Pcs PC
HSN Code 3506

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