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Types of refrigerator available in store

Single door

Single entryway iceboxes are most regularly sold coolers. A large portion of us has utilized the single door fridge in our adolescence. How about we see the benefits of single entryway fridge.

Advantages of single door refrigerators

  • Single door fridges are the most vitality productive coolers. They expend less power, around 30 to 40% less power contrasted with twofold entryway iceboxes.
  • Comes in reduced size of 50 to 250 liters and best for a little group of 2 - 3 individuals.
  • Single door iceboxes are generally sparing. Best brands of Single entryway iceboxes like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung. You can get them under 20,000 Rupees.
  • Single door coolers possess next to no floor space and volume as a result of little limit
  • Deals with the premise of direct cool innovation which is most vitality effective.

Disadvantages of single door refrigerators

  • At the max only certain limit of liters’ space. So what you can put in them is restricted by certain liters’ limit.
  • Accompanies just direct cool innovation. You can't get ice-free advantages in single entryway cooler. You have to clean the ice physically.
  • Not reasonable for the huge family in light of space restrictions. It is appropriate for little families.
  • 4-5 part families everyday needs can't fit into certain liters of single entryway fridge.
  • There is just a single door as the name proposes in the single door fridge. So to open a cooler, first you have to open the fridge fundamental entryway and after that cooler entryway.
  • The cooler compartment is generally small in light of space requirements.


Side by side refrigerators is basically wider than the normal refrigerators. They are split in half, whereas one half being the fridge side and the other part acts as the freezer side. Few people tend to freeze the left-over food in high volume; they exist on freezer food, so this type of fridge may be the ideal one for them.

Advantages of side by side refrigerators

  • Doors are of smaller width: 18"- 21" wide contrasted with 36" wide on a solitary entryway cooler. This can be exceptionally useful for kitchens with limit walkways or an island that is set excessively close. Completely open entryways don't typically hinder the walkway.
  • Easier access to the cooler segment, with racks inside simple ergonomic reach.
  • There is a possibility for an ice-and water-allocator unit, contingent upon the style and model.

Disadvantages of side by side refrigerators

  • The cooler side isn't sufficiently wide for platters or goulash dishes.
  • The fridge area is dependably on the correct side, which implies the best arrival space for stacking and emptying things is the counter on the left half of the unit; else, you're working around the door swing to put things away. It's not an issue if there is exchange counter or landing space close-by, for example, a surface or table.
  • It's a test to put beside a wall or a corner. This is really a drawback for every standard cooler.

Frost freeze

Auto-defrost, programmed defrost or self-defrosting is a strategy which routinely defrosts the evaporator in a refrigerator or cooler. Apparatuses utilizing this system are regularly called frost free, frostless or no-ice.

Advantages of frost freeze refrigerators

No defrosting

Coolers that require manual defrosting may have their advantages, for example, bring down power utilize and a lower forthright cost. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you don't make sure to physically defrost these coolers when the ice is a fourth of an inch thick, they will work less productively. Ice free coolers don't require this errand, however, regardless they require an infrequent cleaning. Sustenance garbage and spills can prompt smells that can influence nourishment quality. An ice-free cooler can even now create ice on the condenser loops on the off chance that it breakdowns, so a month to month visual check is likewise a smart thought.

No frost damage

Cooler consumption happens when ice gems frame on the surface of the food. Ice harmed nourishment tastes terrible and has a poor surface. Frost freeze fridge keeps the ice from shaping on any surface in the cooler. Appropriate bundling will likewise help keep nourishment from drying out or harm by the slight temperature varieties caused by the cooler's warming curls.

Disadvantages of frost freeze refrigerators

Requires more electricity

Ice free models can utilize something like 50 percent greater power under typical operation. This is because of the additional warming loops that are a piece of the cooler. Warming loops in your frost freeze fridge will cycle on and under various circumstances amid the day to keep any ice from shaping. Each time the curl warms itself, additional power is required.

Higher price

Frost freeze fridge models are regularly costlier than manual defrost fridge. This is, to some degree, because of the higher expenses of materials and the additional warming curls that these coolers utilize. Programmed defrosting is additionally observed as a discretionary or premium element, so these coolers can request a higher sticker price than regular decisions. In any case, many frost freeze fridge is just marginally more costly than practically identical manual defrost models.