Skirting boards are panels that are nailed, glued or screwed onto the sides of the wall. Skirting are mostly made of wood, plastic and PVC .It can be painted or stained to suits the interior design and colour. It can also be moulded and carved as per required. Skirting boards are used mainly to fill the gaps between the wall edges .It is also used to hide the electrical wiring and to prevent the damage on the walls while placing the furniture close to the walls.

There are different types of skirting such as softwood skirting, hardwood skirting and MDF skirting.

PVC skirting

PVC skirting is mostly used for industry furnishing as it is highly durable. It is used to hide the dilation gap in floating floors. PVC skirting comes in wide of colours and be customised accordingly.

Edge bandings

Edge bandings are used to cover the raw edges of plywood while furnishing. It has a heat sensitive adhesive on one side which seals the edges of the plywood. Edge bandings are available in wide range of thickness. It acts as a protection against dirt and moisture.